AKI INOMATA is interested in a collaboration with creatures. This art perfumery, 35.71977851546276,139.7727505693577 is a scent of a space. The scent stops our busy world and gives us a feeling that we are here and now. What does Natural Simplexity by AKI INOMATA bring us?

AKI INOMATAは生き物との協働に関心を寄せている。このアートパフューマリー『35.71977851546276, 139.7727505693577』は、ある場所の香りだ。その香りは、忙しい世界を止めて、「イマココ」を感じさせてくれる。AKI INOMATAによるこのナチュラルシンプレキシティはわたしたちに何をもたらすのだろうか。

Natural Simplexity


35.71977851546276,139.7727505693577 by AKI INOMATA is the scent of a certain space. The numbers in the title refer to the coordinates of the space. AKI INOMATA, known for her works in collaboration with living creatures, has created a scent based on the plants that exist in that space. 35.71977851546276,139.7727505693577 might make you stop your busy life for a moment so that you can feel here and now. What will that moment bring to us?

AKI INOMATAによる『35.71977851546276,139.7727505693577』は、ある空間の香りだ。タイトルの数字は、その空間の座標を意味している。生き物との協働による作品で知られるAKI INOMATAは、今回、その空間に存在する植物を元にした香りを制作した。その瞬間、「イマココ」を感じられるような『35.71977851546276,139.7727505693577』は、忙しい暮らしを一瞬、止めてくれるかもしれない。その一瞬は、わたしたちに何をもたらすのだろうか。

Great Acceleration
Somewhere along the line, the world got busier. Today is an exponential age. This exponential situation increases something called the Great Acceleration. In 1970, a floppy disk had a capacity of 80 kilobytes. In 2023, an SD card can be as inexpensive as 64 gigabytes. The world population in 1800 was about 1 billion and it's about 8 billion in 2023. Species going extinct "at least tens to hundreds of times faster than the average of the past 10 million years," IPBES reported in 2019. It was Yuval Noah Harari who said, "No one knows where the brakes are," but can't anyone stop this trend? Maybe can. 35.71977851546276,139.7727505693577 makes us feel a moment of space by preserving it as a scent. The size of the world that this scent stops may be very small. However, for a moment, our consciousness will be immersed in the space, temporarily suspending the great acceleration by the scent.


How to Stop the World
In today's exponential world, it is becoming more and more difficult to feel the present moment. Because that moment is transformed into something else immediately. Perhaps the way to stop the ever-changing world is in art perfumery, such as 35.71977851546276,139.7727505693577. Art perfumery compresses a world, a story, a space into its scent. We can move into that dimension by reading the scent. 35.71977851546276,139.7727505693577 can be considered one of the most important scents in the current Great Acceleration. The method of making 35.71977851546276,139.7727505693577 is simple, but its simplicity should be of great significance in this complex world.


Simplicity in Complexity
The term combining simplicity and complexity is called simplexity. It is used in education, computer science, fashion, etc., but simplexity is also included a lot in art. AKI INOMATA's 35.71977851546276,139.7727505693577 can be called Natural Simplexity because she brought nature. This natural simplexity can be found in other works by AKI INOMATA. Natural Simplexity by AKI INOMATA makes us reconsider nature, and the world itself. The spatial coordinates chosen by AKI INOMATA will continue to shift. Or, in the near future, the space might disappear. At that time, they will be seen as specimens that will bequeath the space with their fragrance. To begin with, "contemporary" means "con" and "temporary," that is, being temporary together. The accumulation of contemporary art that compresses a moment is the very street in times of crisis. On that street, 35.71977851546276,139.7727505693577 will guide us along another street.

シンプリシティとコンプレキシティを組み合わせた用語は、シンプレキシティと呼ばれている。教育やコンピュータサイエンス、ファッションなどでも使われるが、シンプレキシティはアートにおいても多く含まれている。AKI INOMATAの『35.71977851546276,139.7727505693577』は、自然を持ち込んでいるという意味で、ナチュラルシンプレキシティと言えるだろう。このナチュラルシンプレキシティは、AKI INOMATAの他の作品でも見受けられる。AKI INOMATAによるナチュラルシンプレキシティは、自然、そして世界そのものを再考させる。『35.71977851546276,139.7727505693577』は、香りとして圧縮されたある空間、その世界の一瞬を、わたしたちにもたらす。AKI INOMATAによって選ばれる空間座標は、今後も移動していくだろう。あるいは近い将来、その空間はなくなってしまうかもしれない。このとき、それらは空間を香りで遺す標本のようにも見えてくる。そもそもコンテンポラリーは、コン・テンポラリー、一時的なことが共にあることだ。一瞬を圧縮したコンテンポラリーアートの集積は、危機の時代の道そのものだ。『35.71977851546276,139.7727505693577』はその道の上で、もうひとつの道を案内してくれるだろう。